Washingtonian 100 Very Best Restaurants 2013

An unlikely beauty in a drab office building, Nostos (Greek for “homecoming”) is at once lively and serene, with a gray-on-white color scheme that conjures an Old World fishing village. Weekday lunches attract iPhone-tapping suits along with neighborhood retirees who ask for servers by name. At dinner, a starry romance takes over.

Rustic Mediterranean entrées and mezedes (shared small plates) showcase superior ingredients but don’t overshoot with complicated flavors or newfangled preparations. Still, we haven’t tasted anything here that feels complacent.

This is a great place to bone up on inexpensive but tasty Greek wines. Servers are adept at helping you choose.Don’t miss: Taverna salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and kalamata olives; tzatziki; grilled haloumi cheese; fried cod bites; avgolemono soup; cold appetizer platter; moussaka; branzino with olive oil and lemon; baklava.Open: Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner. Moderate.

Reviewed By Cynthia HacinliTodd KlimanAnn Limpert,Jessica Voelker

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