Nostos welcomes distinguished Chef Yiannis Baxevanis!

FULL TASTING MENU- Dinner on Sunday Jan.19th and Sunday Jan.26th 2014

CHEF'S SPECIALS from Tuesday Jan.21st -Saturday Jan.25th 2014

"When I returned to Greece I went to Crete as a chef where I discovered its treasure: the grandmothers in the villages still hold the incredible knowledge of the local flora. The trusted me with this knowledge and today these Cretan herbs are part of my cuisine; each wild mountain green has its therapeutic and tasteful value. “ Yiannis Baxevanis


12 BEST GREEK CUISINE Awards, Athinorama Magazine

CHEF OF THE FUTURE Award, 2006 International Académie of Gastronomie

2 CHEF OF THE YEAR Awards given by the Greek public, Status Magazine


Few worlds about Yiannis:

DAILY NEWS New York: “The Greek magician…”

24 HEURES Switzerland: “He is for Greek gastronomy what Michel Bras is for French cuisine!”

LE TEMPS Switzerland: “ Yiannis Baxevanis has proven to be the champions of Cucina Povera in Greece, a trend that is culminating at the best restaurants around the world, from Copenhagen to Sydney.”

GULFNEWS Dubai: “ the AROMA MAGICIAN of Greek cuisine.”

LE MONDE France: “They thought he was crazy when he claimed to replace foie gras with wild herbs. He revisited the classical repertoire to imagine an ultra contemporary kitchen based on a lean cuisine nurtured from his roots.”


Limited space available. Call ahead for reservations.



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